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As you all are aware, Microsoft have released the July 2019 Cumulative Update for Skype for Business Server 2019, and as part of it, they have added the Modern version of Control panel. The good news is that it is based on HTML 5 / React code and doesn’t rely on Silverlight (which was really a pain).

The Silverlight based control panel will be out of support soon. While the new Control Panel will not have all the functionality of the older Control Panel, Microsoft will be including a core functionality set that should cover most of your organization’s needs for now.

The first phase of the Control Panel consists of the ‘Home’ and ‘Users’ tabs, which let you perform the same tasks as in the old Control Panel. Future phases will ship in upcoming CUs,

Note: This feature is currently in preview mode and you so you may see some rough edges occasionally. Lets see how this Control panel looks, good thing, bad thing and challenges !

Lets see how this Control panel looks, good thing, bad thing and challenges !


warning about MCAP (Modern/Microsoft Admin Control Panel 🙂
  • Simply run the “Bootstrapper.exe” from the all Front-End servers
  • You will notice the MACP feature will be installed & the MACP virtual directory created in IIS.
  • You must also install Management OData if not installed using below steps:
  1. Open PowerShell in Administrator mode
  2. Run command – Add-WindowsFeature ManagementOData
  3. You must have a recent version of one of the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge (Version 44.17763.1.0 or higher is recommended)
    • Google Chrome (version 72.0.3626.121 or higher is recommended)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 65.0.2 or higher is recommended)
    • Your administrator account must have CsAdministrator role privileges and must be SIP enabled.

Enabling the Administrator Account for SIP is something strange and shall not accepted by several organizations due to their Security policies.

If you try to sign-in without SIP enabled, you will see the below error.

Enable Contacts functionality is not yet implemented for the Users tab. RBAC isn’t implemented yet either, but will be implemented in a later update.

How to Launch the Control Panel:

Put in https://<your pool FQDN>/macp manually in a supported browser, and the Control Panel should open.

The login screen looks like the following:

##Looks promising##

In order to manage the Online users, you must create a Azure App, have to run this script on front-end server; when you run the script it will prompt you to sign-in to Office 365, enter the credentials and rest it will take care..

Now, you shall go back to MACP (Modern Admin Control Panel) and sign-in to Office 365 from “Home” tab.

In case you missed to run the script , you will see the below error when you try to connect Office 365 from MACP

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  1. Hello,

    Is there any thing we can troubleshoot if the control panel does not load and if there is an error ?
    Error 503 service unavailable And also the MACP does not works

    Thank you

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