Egnyte cloud storage for Microsoft Teams


Egnyte provides secure file sharing, intelligent content services and collaboration solutions. Access and share data with our cloud-based file sharing platform.

The Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration allows users to effectively integrate Egnyte’s powerful file sync and sharing capabilities within Microsoft Teams. This article covers how to use Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration. This integration currently is available in both Desktop and Web version of Microsoft Teams.
If you are not subscribed to Egnyte, you shall go for free trail version !

My Egnyte storage view
  • Microsoft Teams is adding support for Egnyte as a a Third-party cloud storage provider, taking the total number of supported integrations to five (Citrix Files, Box, DropBox, Google Drive and Egnyte).
  • Microsoft will begin roll out to all the tenants in Mid-June’2020 ; There will few tenants are already got have this enabled.
  • This change is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 63706

How will this affect your organization:
Once available, similar to other third-party cloud storage providers, Egnyte will also be available by default for users. If you would like to disable this, you can do so from the Teams Admin Center or using PowerShell. You can refer to the following documentation for more details.

Enable Egnyte from Teams admin center

What you need to do to prepare for the change:
Unless disabled, users will start seeing the option to Add Egnyte as a cloud storage provider, when this change is implemented. Please note that the UI option in the admin center and the related documentation updates will also happen when this change begins to rollout.
If you would like your users to not see this as an option, please go into the Admin center or use PowerShell to turn off Egnyte as a cloud storage provider.

Enable Egnyte as cloud storage in your Teams client :
In order to enable Egnyte, make sure you have already enabled the Egnyte Cloud Storage from Teams Admin center. From the Teams client, go to Files and click on “Add cloud storage” and select “Egnyte

Enter your Egnyte registered credentials

Now, i can see my files which are uploaded to Egnyte in Microsoft Teams.

You can also edit the documents like the way you do with google drive and cloud storage in Teams.

If you do not see Egnyte option in your Teams admin center, wait till end of June’2002, must be available by that time.

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